Clarity Pharmaceuticals is a personalised medicine company focused on the treatment of serious disease. The Company is a leader in innovative radiopharmaceutical technology, developing targeted therapies and assisting in the drug development pipeline of novel therapies for companies globally.

Clarity utilises its strong imaging capability and proprietary technology to develop novel radiopharmaceuticals. Its in-house drug development program is focused on developing novel targeted therapeutics in oncology using a theranostic approach. Clarity’s lead compound, SARTATE™, is entering Cu-64/Cu-67 theranostic trials in neuroendocrine tumours.  This new agent will also potentially allow better treatment of paediatric cancers and is entering clinical trials for neuroblastoma. Clarity is in a number of negotiations to expand its program and tap into new markets that can be better served with the SAR- Technology. As such, the prostate cancer market remains a key focus for the Company. Clarity’s technology holds great promise of improving prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment and has the potential to provide multiple benefits in comparison to current technologies. Clarity is also in early preclinical development with a small range of other therapeutic oncology indications. In other serious diseases, Clarity is developing imaging-based companion diagnostics in areas including cardiovascular disease and fibrosis.

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