The Crucible Group has taken its patented Continuous Biomass Conversion (CBC) technology to the commercialisation stage. The technology features:

  • A unique thermo-chemical profile provides a step change in performance, overcoming the persistent limitations of bioenergy projects, namely conversion efficiency, gas cleanness and capital effectiveness.
  • A flexible feedstock and product platform presents opportunities in a wide range of industrial, urban and agricultural sectors.
  • Attractive capital pay back periods for users of the technology (2-3 years), whilst providing solid margins for Crucible and value to its shareholders.

The technology is global in nature, providing practical and targeted business solutions for industry and agriculture in a sustainable fashion, beyond the realms of solar and wind. It addresses fundamental challenges of climate change, waste, soil quality, energy and food security. In the Australian context, it aligns well with high level drivers for an increase in renewable energy and national economic growth through innovation and agriculture. Strategic market assessment indicates significant growth potential in the short, medium and longer term.