SwitchDin grew out of the experience of founder Dr Andrew Mears who realised from his work developing renewable energy in Australia, UK, US and emerging economies that reliable clean decentralised energy services were required to transform the way we live.
In order to get to scale, its necessary to orchestrate large fleets of rooftop solar and battery systems which requires remote management and control. However, current solar and battery products use proprietary protocols and do not easily share data or coordinate with the grid which means that a lot of the benefits cannot yet be realised. SwitchDin provides the industry with a trusted third party to enable a more open and flexible approach to battery fleet management.
The prototype of the SwitchDin platform became a reality in early 2015, leading to SwitchDin securing its first round of angel investment involving members of the Hunter Angels in November 2015.
SwitchDin now has a committed team working to drive scaling-up of rooftop solar energy and battery storage through connectivity and greater consumer participation.


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