Hunter Angels


About Us

Hunter Angels is an angel investing group committed to identifying and investing in innovative, early-stage companies with the potential for high growth in the Hunter region and adjoining areas.

We prioritise companies with a clear path to monetisation and are led by a diverse team. We also look for founders with a strong vision and the ability to execute on that vision. Our goal is to support and invest in these companies to help them achieve their full potential.

In addition to providing funding and support to early-stage companies, we also believe in the importance of mentorship and guidance for entrepreneurs. Our members are experienced investors and professionals and will work closely with the companies we invest in to provide valuable insights and advice and to help them navigate the challenges of growing a business.


Hunter Angels’ investment thesis is focused on:

  1. identifying and investing in early-stage, innovative companies with the potential for high growth,
  2. led by diverse and capable teams,
  3. with a clear path to monetisation and
  4. have a positive and social and environmental impact.


We aim to provide these companies with the:

  • Resources,
  • Mentorship, and
  • Guidance – to succeed and to help create thriving, sustainable businesses that will drive economic growth and create jobs in the region.

For further information contact Hunter Angels Executive Officer by email